Watch Out World, Chloe x Halle Are GROWN Grown Now

Adrian Sean
4 min readJan 27, 2021

In the past two weeks, Chloe x Halle have gone their separate ways… on Instagram. The sister duo is still a group but it’s clear as they have grown two different yet creative beings have taken shape. And these two separate beings each have their own way of presenting their ideas and themselves. They are a far distant switch-up from the cute Lil sis and me vibe you could find Chloe and Halle giving a decade ago on Youtube singing Truth Hurts. And honestly. I’m here for it.

I think I noticed the sexual aggression and the different energies needing to be released at the Forgive Me performance for the #VerizonUp. I mean, let’s be real, Chloe humped a mic stand. Then turned around and did a slow hip roll making sure to stick her butt out in a circular motion to the beat of the song. Not like a newbie either. As if she had humped a…*ahem* fellatio or two in her time. As a grown woman that enjoyed being sexual and experiencing sex. After that let’s just say I wasn’t surprised when the two sisters announced that they would now have two solo Instagram accounts.

The matching ensembles that the sisters have for every performance have gotten less so in the past year. Chloe’s outfits always match Halle’s but usually have a much higher hem, and a tighter fit around her breasts and waist. Chloe has released two sexually infused videos on her Instagram. In less than a week these videos have already garnered her over a million followers on her solo account. Her Bussit Challenge is rumored to have crashed the Tiktok site for a short period of time. If you’ve seen it, you know why. That thang was thanging. Chloe is sexy, talented, and grown as hell. She has every right to explore that. Sis was ready to break free, ok?

Halle has not been as open with her sexuality. I know this is going to shock some people but, Halle has every right to stay covered up and secure that Disney bag from the Ariel role.

I’m sure most of us remember the announcement of Halle Bailey getting the role of Ariel for the live-action Little Mermaid remake when the MAGA supporters showed that indeed racism can live under the sea. You may not know, but Disney has VERY strict contracts for people that appear in their movies or television shows. There is a very detailed list of things they can and cannot do in public without having their contractual agreement revoked. There’s no way on God’s green earth Disney would allow Halle to twerk on Tiktok and keep her role of Ariel. So hate to tell you, folks, it’s not gonna happen. But even if Disney did allow Halle to do whatever she wanted to, why does she need to do this to appease us?

What annoys me about this whole thing isn’t Chloe’s sexual dancing or twerking without any panties on. Low key, I liked that. But, I also like the posts and videos from Halle singing, talking, and making jokes. The responses however to her videos from people begging her to act just as sexual as Chloe are not ok. That’s what pisses me off. That the minute these women started to show that their IDs were legal and they had a right to do what they wanted people began screaming for them to be naked so we can judge and fondle ourselves over their bodies as we see fit.

This is not the 1990s. We are not in the days of Britney Spear's “Oops I Did It Again” video where we ask young women to put on a thong, sing about grinding up against some guy, then tell them to pretend they’re virgins until marriage. And please let’s not do to Halle what we did to India Arie and stick her in the grandma box because she wants to just be a girl on stage belting her heart out with her guitar. Society makes it seem that it’s so hard to love them both.

But you know what I have loved throughout all of this? That these sisters are each other's biggest supporters. Shortly after Chloe’s Bussit video dropped the two went on Instagram live as they have become known for; the Tea Time live videos have given fans a chance to connect with the sisters on a personal level. The two were in separate locations unlike most of their past videos; the two working on two different projects. Chloe’s eyes grew wide as her sister mentioned the now-infamous video, holding her breath. And the first thing Halle did was congratulate her sister on how powerful this statement of owning her sexuality was for her and her career. How proud she was of her. Chloe breathed. And the two ate their separate meals and kiki’d about their own things, as they had every right to.



Adrian Sean